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Savage vs Martinez: Savage Attacks Martinez in Canada
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:48:39 PM »
WSU Returns to iPPV on June 25; Mercedes Martinez To Defend WSU World Title Against 2011 J-Cup Winner Brittney Savage

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) will present the biggest womens wrestling show of the summer, live on iPPV via GoFightLive when we present "The Uncensored Rumble IV" event. WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez will defend her WSU World Championship against #1 Contender Brittney Savage.

Mercedes Martinez is the longest reigning & defending champion in all of womens wrestling, having held her championship for 30 months. In that time, Martinez has made 42 World Title defenses against the likes of Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, Rain, Portia Perez, Alicia, Angel Orsini, Serena Deeb, Jazz & countless others. Another name on Martinez's list of defeats is none other than Brittney Savage. However, this will be the first ever iPPV main event for Brittney Savage & the first time Savage challenges for the WSU World Title on a sole WSU event. (Savage's other title challenges took place during "On The Road" events.)

Brittney Savage is a homegrown WSU star. In her first year, she won the Tag Titles with Miss April (AJ of WWE Smackdown). In  her second year, she won the Spirit Title and went on to be the  longest reigning & most  reigning Spirit Champion in WSU  history. During her reign as Spirit  Champion, she tried to ascend  to the next level, but was shut down by  Mercedes Martinez in a  title vs title match which ended when Savage got  herself DQ'd.  Last year, during Savage's quest to win the WSU World title,  she  actually nailed Martinez with a bullrope and tied her to a car. Savage   attempted to drag Martinez down a street, but Martinez broke  free at the  last second. This set up a bullrope match, where  Martinez had to go through  the entire Cosmo Club to get to Savage.  Martinez won the  match and cracks in the Cosmo Club were evident.
In recent times, Savage has  disbanded her Cosmo Club,  saying that she needs to be her own  person and that the Cosmo Club were costing her  matches. Savage put a stamp  on that statement by laying out long time  confidant Rick Cataldo  at the WSU Four Year Anniversary Show, after Rick accidentally cost Savage the  Spirit Championship to  Sassy Stephanie.
Savage,  later on would say that she was done with the Cosmo Club & that her only focus now was to become WSU World Champion. On 4/2/11, Savage   won the annual J-Cup Tournament. Every J-cup winner has become  WSU World champion. It was the very same tournament that Mercedes Martinez won in 2008 to earn the right to challenge for the WSU World Championship.

 For the first time ever in J-Cup history, Savage had to  win a "play-in"  match to earn a spot in the tournament. On that  night, Savage defeated 3  members of her former Cosmo Club (Rick, Cindy,  Jana) before defeating Sassy Stephanie,  the person who beat her for  the Spirit championship, in the finals. As a result, Savage  finally gets a  chance to challenge for the world title on iPPV, one on one.

Savage has stated it's her time to become the new WSU Champion. Savage said in her first year she won the tag titles. In her second year she won the Spirit Champinship. In her third year, she's won the J-Cup which she has said will lead her to her ultimate goal- the WSU World Championship.  Martinez has stated that she does not  fear Brittney & it  will be business as usual.
On  6/4/11,  Martinez traveled to the  Canada offices of  InasecTV the company that produces the WSU TV show  "Uncensored".  Martinez was there to do promotional work. While doing an  interview to promote the match, Savage showed up and attacked Martinez.  Savage  grabbed the WSU World Title afterwards and said it was her  time to become  the face of WSU, just like Martinez is.
Here is a link to the video, which appeared on the official WSU twitter page at

Many critics are calling Savage one of the biggest underdogs Martinez has ever squared off against. However, Savage says that it is her time and she has Martinez scouted. Martinez's championship has been in jeopardy before, but Martinez has always found a way to defeat her challengers. Will Savage become another stat on Martinez's incredible championship defense streak, or will Savage make womens wrestling history, and become the NEW WSU World Champion?
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