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A Different Perspective #11
« on: November 21, 2010, 02:22:04 PM »
Welcome to another edition of a Different Perspective. If you have heard any of my commentary, which can be heard on ACE DVDs, which you can buy at [CHEAP PLUG], you would know that I’ve always been a huge fan of tag team wrestling. It seems that within several promotions, tag team wrestling is a dying art form. It is a dying breed. However, in American Championship Entertainment, it is appreciated, respected and most importantly, alive and well. So many tag teams are fighting for the right to become the #1 team in ACE. That is why I am so stoked to see at Worlds Collide on December 17 at the beautiful ACE Arena in Union City, NJ, the battle between tag team wrestling’s past and tag team wrestling’s future will take place for the ACE Tag Team championships, as the DRS will face the current, reigning and defending ACE Tag Team champions, R8D X.

Back in the early 2000s, EC Negro and KC Blade were, whom many considered to be, the most innovative tag team of its time. Their brash, braggadocios nature, their dirty, rotten style and their hard-hitting double team maneuvers were just a few examples of what Negro and Blade brought to the table as a team. They truly didn’t give a damn about anything else other than being recognized as the best tag team in the wrestling business, and at one point, they were, holding multiple tag team championships all over the Northeast. They invoked fear in their opponents and were ruthless in proving that fact. They had size, stature and substance. The DRS had it all. A few years into their dominant run as a tag team, however, both men took time off from the team and went their separate ways. EC attempted to come back and have a go as a singles competitor, but did not reach the plateaus that he had strived for himself. KC actually left the business for a couple years. No one ever knew if the DRS would team again…until the summer of 2010.

When news broke that Negro and Blade were going to reunite, fans of the independent circuit rejoiced, as the DRS were looking to dominate tag team wrestling once again. When they made their way back to American Championship Entertainment, I was excited for the fact that I was actually going to have the opportunity to call a DRS tag team match and see their style up close. And let me tell you, they have not disappointed. The term “sheer dominance” comes to mind when it comes to what the DRS showed in their return matches to ACE. The DRS were looking dominant in the ring, yet unlike the early 2000s, they weren’t being recognized as the most innovative team in wrestling. In fact, there was another team gaining steam from the fans with that label. That team was R8D X.

Long time friends in the wrestling realm, Envy and Neeno Capone formed their union on September 19, 2009, after Neeno saved Envy from an attack by Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields. For nine months, R8D X and the Midnight Sensations put on a state-of-the-art tag team feud and culminated in two ladder wars for the ages. However, in the end, R8D X’s innovative high flying and double team maneuvers withstood the tag team know-how of the Sensations and became THE team to beat in ACE. After another great series with now defunct BS Express, the two time ACE Tag Team champions were “on to the next one” and looking for the next challenge for tag team supremacy. ENTER the DRS.

Night of 3somes was very intriguing for tag team enthusiasts, as it would be the first time the DRS and R8D X would be in the same ring together. Along with Team TAG, those teams put on a great encounter. Innovative tag team wrestling was on display, but in the end, R8D X came away from the proverbial demolition derby with the tag silver in their grasps. The DRS, however, came off very annoyed, as Killa S from Team TAG was the one pinned in the match, not Negro or Blade. They felt that didn’t lose the match. The DRS wanted a straight-up, two-on-two, tag team battle.

Fast forward to Rise to Power. R8D X just defeated the SAT in an exciting bout to retain the tag team championships. Out walk Negro and Blade, who earlier in the night defeated Benny Martinez and Dan Barry. Negro grabbed the mic and demanded a shot at the ACE silver two-on-two. Neeno accepted and states R8D X are “on to the next one”. And just like that, simple and to the point, a monumental battle is made. Tag team’s past versus its future at the present day Worlds Collide on December 17th for ACE.

In my opinion, this should be a great battle. The size and power of the DRS against the speed and quickness of R8D X. Innovative double team maneuvers will be running rampant, a “can you top this” atmosphere if you will. People always talk about tag team wrestling as a dying breed. On December 17, not only is it alive and well, but it’s breathing and pumping harder than ever. If you dare to see one tag team match with major implications, this one is it. Some might argue that it’s a Different Perspective; however, I believe it is a valid one. A VERY valid one.

Jon Harder