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Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« on: October 17, 2010, 01:56:16 AM »
Syther/Spyral/Brolly was a fun opener. SAT/Sensations/Wyeth & Tom was pretty good. Rivera/Hughes/Fatu was ok. Diamond division title was a good match. Az/Crowbar/Donovan was good. WSU title sucked I'm sorry. Tag title match was good and I'd like to see R8D X/SAT. Heavyweight title was a good match.

Personal Notes
The IHOP on Kennedy Blvd has some good food.

What happened to all the fans from earlier this year?

It was nice talking with Felix & Hector316.

It was cold in the arena.

It was nice to see the door open more promptly for the fans.

I hope Rise To Power ends up a memorable & kick ass show.
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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2010, 08:55:32 AM »
ACES coming out in the beginning before the first match. Morgan definitely made a statement to the fans, the locker room, and to the entire Indie scene.
opener was good. Spyral's finisher was SICK.
first tag match was good, glad the ACES lost and Ed Scanlon was the deciding factor in that. The Maximo brothers look good. Hope they come back for more shows
Rivera looked like he was seeing Fatu and Hughes as Savio Vega. Hughes is really coming around and taking a beating. I wonder when he may get a tan?
Mo really has to stop using the super kick. Eddie Kingston as the champ should be interesting to see how that pans out since Vegas ran out of the building with the belt.
Az/Crowbar/Donovan was good. Sensations beatdown on Crowbar.. Can't wait til Lewis gets it from Crowbar.
Tag titles, I hope to god Anthony Silva is ok, I've never seen the paramedic bring a guy to the back middle of the match and he was def busted open. Guess the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are back.
Main even was really good. Maff legit won. Showed why he is the champ letting Bruno take out Fish and then throwing bruno out and getting the pin.

-I hope rockwell isn't concussed from the doomsday ddt he took.

-Was good seeing the usuals

-It was good to see Tiny Johnson. He was right in front of me and payed the same as me. Didn't seem to have a grudge when he walked in, was just there to watch

-ACE security... yea, good to see you held Tony back while another fan got dragged in and beat down. Rent a cops need to stay at the mall

-John Harder gave me a high five! the exclamation point is sarcasm...
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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2010, 03:54:37 PM »
After reading the break down from The Mic, one of the moments i missed and i wish i was there for was that promo mike morgan cut. not everyone in the stands will understand, but i totally agree with everything that was said. i feel the ship has sailed for "the other promotion" and a new ship has landed and taken its place. ACE is here to stay, so for all the haters out with it!

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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2010, 05:57:02 PM »
Two things I'd like to see footage of based upon The Mic's report:

1. Mike Morgan's promo to open the show (lots of legit heat in that one I read)

2. The fan riot at the end of the show (real or kayfabe?)

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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2010, 09:18:34 PM »
Before I make any other comments I must say this. There are barracades around the ring for a reason. The wrestlers are not supposed to get physical with the fans and vice versa. When this rule is broken you get the chaos you had last night.

As for the comment by Devoided: if that was you, would you have put your hands on Mike Morgan to break it up? I know I wouldn't, and I have over 8 years of security experience under my belt. Besides Tiny is bigger and stronger than his friend or whoever that was. You have to secure the bigger threat first. Not to say that I agreed with what happenned to that poor guy was right, but when you choose to interfere with the show you suffer the consequences. However, it was wrong to bring him in the ring. And Maff you coward you had to take advantage and hit him with a chair. No class whatsoever.

Other than that I enjoyed the show. I was suprised by Mike Morgan's promo at the beginning. I think he needed to get some things off his chest and I agree with him 100%. He a very passionate owner and everytime someone tries to knock him down, he gets right back up and keeps going. This is why I will always continue to support ACE as much as I can. In my opinion I think they are the best Indy Federation around. If they weren't, the other Feds would not be trying so hard to knock them down.

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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2010, 01:06:59 AM »
Night of 3somes did not disappoint as Morgan apparently had a few words to say to certain people in the state of new jersey, an holy sh!t what a message that was sent. i enjoyed each match tha night as i was alittle skeptical being tha every match was a 3 way u would figure repetition would kick in, but it sure as hell didnt. every match brought something different to the table, an ACE of course continues to impress. My opinions for the night, Midnight Sensations need to start winning! Hope Anthony Silva is ok, he took a nasty spill an hit his head on the way out heard he went to the ER. Scyther weirds me out. Will continues to gain weight. Tom looked like the guy from hangover he just needed tha baby cradle. R8D X still doin there thing, Bruno should be champ, Mo should be diamond champ. An now for this controvesy that occured after the show. Hector idk what u were watching but i was sitting on the opposite side of the bleachers with a clear view to Tiny Johnson. an that kid who was sitting next to him was just booing the ACES when Morgan pulled him over and assaulted a FAN! I dont blame Tiny for trying to get over the rail an help his friend or fan whoever that kid was! idk he was sittin there way before tiny walked through the doors. But SMH @ security they didnt even try to remove the fan out of the ring they stayed too focused on tiny which i understand since he was fired he isnt allowed beyond the rails just like the rest of us fans, but really? we dont save an innoncent fan? it was mass choas at the end of the show, all i know is i cant wait for next months show an see what the aftermath of all this was, if u missed the show, u missed one hell of a 3 ring circus it was a crazy bizarre but awesome night!

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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2010, 09:30:08 AM »
First I like to say I do hope Silva is ok, 10 staples isn't a papercut. I hope he takes the time to heal correctly before he attempts to get back in the ring. That wound can reopen if not healed properly and won't be worth getting back in a match before time. I hope him a speedy recovery, and I'm sure when the time is right he will make his return. Mr. Morgan opened the show with a bang, spoke his mind and basically expressed his frustrations.  I'm not defending his actions but I do understand where he is coming from with having to deal with alot of his issues, from dealing with wrestlers who like to bite the hand that feeds it to people trying to throw monkey wrenches in your plans.  I can tell you one thing the Morgan you see now is the Morgan that truthfully has been around for a while. Mr. Morgan has always conducted himself in a professional manner but there's always something that breaks the camel's back.  Push has gone to shove and Mr.Morgan is pushing back, extremely hard.  What happened at the end of the show was insane, before I could blink it was chaos.  Whether you believe or not it did get serious and real out there.  I just hope we can bring it back to reality before things go too far again. Me myself I'm getting some better insurance coverage before I end up in the middle of that type of madness again.
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Re: Night Of 3Somes Thoughts Thread
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2010, 10:56:11 AM »
AWF, I think I know Mr. Morgan enough that he wouldn't lose his kool for a fan booing him. Actually, I think he likes the heat.

If you read my first comment, I said the barracade rule goes both ways. And if anyone would have gotten in the way of Morgan and the ACES taking that fan out, they would have been next.

Again, I don't condone this sort of behavior. I myself am always saying junk to the wrestlers. But I try to be respectful and not go over the line. Some fans just don't know when to stop, and some say really lewd things. I didn't see what triggered it but I saw the jawing the guy was doing.