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Ringside View 11/30/18
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:59:12 PM »
Welcome ACE Nation to a new edition of Ringside View.

The First Lady Of ACE Returns

Long before many women's promotions came along, New Jersey's own Alicia was making a name for herself in ACE among other promotions. At Crossroads 14 on Dec. 1st, she returns to do battle with one of the rising stars of women's wrestling Allie Recks. Can Alicia make her return a memorable one or will she be a stepping stone for Recks?

A New Flight For Fight Champion Will Be Crowned

At Crossroads 14, there will be a six way match to crown a new fight for flight champion. The title has been inactive due to most recent champion Adira not appearing in ACE since winning the title back in March at Destined For Greatness. Which one of those six men will walk out as the new fight for flight champion?

A New Heavyweight Champion Will Be Crowned

Due to injury, "Brooklyn Outlaw" Mike Donovan is no longer ACE Pro Wrestling's heavyweight champion. At Crossroads 14, the present faces the future as the only man to hold ACE's top prize on three occasions Dan Maff does battle with Lance Anoa'i. Can Maff make history again and become an unprecedented four time champion or will Anao'i climb to the top for the first time ever in ACE.

That will do it folks. See you at Crossroads 14.
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