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Ringside View 4/12/18
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:53:49 PM »
Hello ACE Nation and welcome to another edition of Ringside View.

A Royal Insurance Policy?

At Destined 4 Greatness, "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade seemed on the path of becoming a 3 time heavyweight champion. That is until King Mega came through the curtain. As Stockade was temporarily distracted, "Brooklyn Outlaw" Mike Donovan bashed him in the face with the heavyweight title belt enabling him to retain the title. Is Donovan in cahoots with the huge monarch?

Odd Couple

After failing to win the heavyweight title, Stockade was stunned to discover that he & Bo Prichard will be tag team partners at Battle Bowl where the winning tag team will be crowned the new tag team champions. Stockade & Bo will face G.O.A.T. who had an impressive debut at Destined 4 Greatness. Can Bo & Stockade work as a cohesive unit or will G.O.A.T. pick up the win and advance?

Adira Makes History

At Destined 4 Greatness, Adira inserted herself in a match between Anthony Silva & Michael Mistretta capturing the diamond division title and also becoming the first woman to hold that belt in ACE history. Who will challenge her at Battle Bowl?

Astro Ambushed

After being defeated by Lance Anao'i, Astro Morales was attacked by William Wyeth who has not competed in ACE since 2016. Wyeth took the microphone and said that he made ACE what is today while the new breed of wrestlers are handed opportunities and blowing them. Wyeth asked ACE management to be Astro's partner at Battle Bowl as they will face former tag team champions The Dukes. Can Astro & Will put Destined 4 Greatness aside or will The Dukes get the duke?

That will do it folks. See you at Battle Bowl.
"We are the outcasts. We are the rejected. We are The Fallen."- William Wyeth after he, Jose Luis Rivera, & Saints Of Brutality beat down "Hollywood" Joe Hardway ACE Pro Wrestling Fallout October 10, 2009