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Ringside View 1/7/17
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:12:49 AM »
Happy New Year ACE Nation and welcome to Ringside View.

Return Of Mack

At Worlds Collide, Monsta Mack returned to ACE Pro Wrestling after being away for a number of years ambushing "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade has demanded a match 1 on 1 and he wil get it at Redemption. Can Stockade out Mack down or will Mack get one up on him?

Crowbar Captures Fight For Flight Title, Reunites With El Proffe

At Worlds Collide, seasoned veteran Crowbar inserted himself in the fight for flight title match while accompanied to the ring by El Proffe Marcus Aviles who many thought was no longer affiliated with the WCW star. Crowbar was victorious and at Redemption, he will make his first defense against Ricky Reyes & Sebastian Cage. Can Crowbar turn back his first two challengers or will he be unseated?

Enter The Black Diamond

Since the demise of Holllywood Enterprise, it appears the remnants have gone ing separate paths. Azreial has not been since. William Wyeth has seemingly taken a hiatus. While Alvin Alvarez has become The Black Diamond. Can he find success while wearing the face paint of Paul Stanley or will he fail?

That will do it folks. See you at Redemption.
"We are the outcasts. We are the rejected. We are The Fallen."- William Wyeth after he, Jose Luis Rivera, & Saints Of Brutality beat down "Hollywood" Joe Hardway ACE Pro Wrestling Fallout October 10, 2009