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Collision Course 2016 Thoughts Thread
« on: September 04, 2016, 07:48:40 PM »
Jesse Vane def. Sonny Kiss, Jared Evans, Sebastian Cage, & Black Zemis to retain the fight for flight title

Great way too start the show. There still seems to be some bad blood between Kiss & Evans. Great to see Zemis back.

Crowbar def. Prince Akkanattan

Great to see Crowbar back for the first time in months. Those kids in the football jerseys were into Akkanattan.

Ricky Reyes def. Anthony Ramirez to retain the diamond divsion title

Ramirez finally got a return title shot. During the match, Jamal Jackson comes to ringside distracts Ramirez long enough for Reyes to capitalize and get the victory. After the match, Jamal & Ramirez brawl. Jamal nails him with a chain wrapped around his fist. The referees came out to break it up. I wonder why "The Rogue" Anthony Gangone didn't make the how since he was advertised to face Reyes. Ramirez made a little girl cry before entering the ring.

Mike Donovan & ? def. "King Of New York" EC Negro & King's Court

Donovan's partners were The Midnight Sensations(Sam Shields & Chris Rockwell) who had not been in ACE since 2011. Donovan went for his Southside Knockout yet one half of King's Court took it and got pinned.


During this time, Sensations, Akkanattan & others were out for meet & greet.

William Wyeth def. "Aztec Warrior" Izzy Reyes

During the match, Wyeth put on Reyes' headdress and started a war dance in which I began stomping my foot ala Indian war drum. Wyeth got the win with a spine buster.

Vince Steele w/Mr. Mustafa def. "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade by DQ

This was quite a fight. Stockade used a chair on Vince to cause a disqualification.

American Powerhouse def. Duke Boys to retain the tag team title

A bit of a clash in styles which saw Adam & Astro pull off the victory.

TJ Marconi def. Archadia to retain the heavyweight title

I'm not certain if Archadia wrestled hurt or not. He was wearing something on his arm when he came out for the match. He eventually took it off. TJ put him away with a boot. After the match, Danny Maff comes to the ring and takes the microphone. He tells TJ he doesn't deserve the belt. He mentioned past champions like Jay Lethal, Joe Hardway, & Mo Sexton who respected the belt. Maff challenged TJ to a title match at Crossroads 12 on November 5th.  TJ leaves the ring only to try to sneak attack Maff only to be clotheslined a few times. ACE owner Mike Morgan come to the ring and hugs Maff which pretty much ended the show.

Personal Notes

It was good sitting with Bill who drove all the way from Connecticut to see the show.

There some pretty women in the crowd including the one with Superman logos on her short sleeves.

One memorable quote "Hey Lotti pay attention" Baal of The Duke Boys as they came to the ring for their match

Those kids in the football jerseys were into the show. Hopefully they will come back in the future.

Those chicken wings I had were good. As great as the food is, it doesn't fill me up. I was starving by the end of the show. :(

I know it's too early, but are there any plans to have a free show before Christmas like late last year? If so, I have a day in mind to do it.

I don't know if I will attend Rise 2 Power on October 1. I will definitely be at Crossroads 12 on November 5th. Hopefully I will have some people come with me for that one. While on the subject of Crossroads, I hope the show doesn't run late like it did last year. I wound up missing the last 160 bus of the night and had to walk to Passaic in the cold to get one of those mini buses to go back to NYC.

Already announced for Crossroads 12:

Danny Maff challenges TJ Marconi for the heavyweight title

My wishlist for Crossroads 12:

American Powerhouse against Wyeth & Alvin
Jackson against Ramirez in a chain match
Stockade vs. Steele 2

"We are the outcasts. We are the rejected. We are The Fallen."- William Wyeth after he, Jose Luis Rivera, & Saints Of Brutality beat down "Hollywood" Joe Hardway ACE Pro Wrestling Fallout October 10, 2009