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Ringside View 5/13/16
« on: May 13, 2016, 10:40:08 PM »
Hello & welcome to another edition of Ringside View.


At Indymania 2, Rob Vegas ended TJ Marconi's dominant reign as ACE heavyweight champion. Marconi has exercised his rematch clause and on May 14th at Afterfmath, he finds himself in the role of challenger. Can Mr. Good Times Only win the belt back or will Vegas make it 2 wins in a row?

An Announcement To Rock The Foundation Of ACE

At Aftermath, ACE's founding father Mike Morgan is going to make an announcement to rock ACE Pro Wrestling to it's core. What could it be? At Aftermath we will know.

Return Of The Remix

At Indymania 2, "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele made his return to ACE in a 6 man tag team match as he joined forces with Jamal Jackson & Stockkade to defeat Hollywood Enterprise. Now that the big man is back in action, what will he do next?

Bull Charges Back In

Former ACE tag team champion & NXT superstar Bull James returns to ACE to do battle with seasoned veteran Crowbar. Can Bull gain a victory on his first night back or will the experience of Crowbar enable him to prevail?

That will do it ACE Nation. See you at Aftermath.
"We are the outcasts. We are the rejected. We are The Fallen."- William Wyeth after he, Jose Luis Rivera, & Saints Of Brutality beat down "Hollywood" Joe Hardway ACE Pro Wrestling Fallout October 10, 2009