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Ringside View 7/6/14
« on: July 06, 2014, 01:22:52 PM »
After a lengthy absence, Ringside View returns ACE Nation.

The Founding Father Is Back!

At Respect Matters, Mike Morgan Sr made a shocking return to ACE Pro Wrestling as he nailed Stockade with a steel chair. He announced to Mike Morgan Jr that he did not hand over the entire company to him & his other children gave back their shares to him. With both Morgans owning 50% of the company, where does that leave the future of ACE Pro Wrestling?

 Showtime Bags Fight For Flight Gold

At Respect Matters, Showtime Chris Taylor won a 5 way match to win the fight for flight title. He retained the title in a 4 way match at Mercury Rising. He will defend it in a 6 way arieal assault at Summer Fallout. Can Taylor retain against 5 challengers?

Held Up

At Mercury Rising, Defiance defended the tag team title against The Movement. The match ended in a double pin. Mike Morgan Sr declared the tag team title vacant. What will become of the tag team championship?

Bad Company

At Respect Matters, Mike Lewis added Bad Boy Danny Pagan & Steve Pena to his group after beating down JL Rivera. They are colectively known as Bad Company. Can they bring gold to Mike Lewis Enterprises?

Astro Unseats The Remix

At Mercury Rising, Astro Morales(with El Prophet Inc) defeated New Age Wrecking Crew member Vince Steele to win the diamond division title. Steele has exercised his rematch clause for Summer Fallout on July 12. Can Astro stay on top of the diamond divsion mountain or will his reign be ended as quickly as it started?


For months, The Midnight Ryder has been on a mission to rid ACE of "The Devil's Outlaw" Stockade who has run roughshod over the company since starting up The New Age Wrecking Crew. At Summer Fallout on July 12, these 2 men will meet one on one for the first time ever for the ACE heavyweight title. Can Stockade turn back the challenge of the unknown or will ACE have it's first masked heavyweight champion?

That will do it for this huge edition of Ringside View. See you at Summer Fallout.
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