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ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Ringside View 12/2/16
« Last post by Robert on December 02, 2016, 08:48:31 PM »
Welcome ACE Nation to another edition of Ringside View.


At Crossroads 12, Danny Maff was victorious in the main event to become the heavyweight champion for an unprecedented 3rd time. Despite not being pinned, former champion TJ Marconi is livid about this. That will have to wait since at Worlds Collide, Maff makes his 1st defense against Ring Of Honor Star Keith Lee. Can Maff turn back the challenge or will Lee's ACE debut result in him walking out champion?

Rogue Bags Diamond Division Title

Also at Crossroads 12, "The Rogue" Anthony Gangone captured the diamond division title from Ricky Reyes. At Worlds Collide, they will face off in the rubber match with both men owning a victory. Who will get that second win?

Duke Boys Capture Tag Team Title

At Crossroads 12, The Duke Boys won the chance of a lifetime rumble to earn a tag title shot later that night. Aiden & Rick unseated American Powerhouse to win the belts. Can The Dukes turn back their 1st challengers at Worlds Collide?

Out For Respect

With American Powerhouse on hold, it appears that Adam Payne has a new challenge in the form of Anthony Ramirez. On a recent edition of Overdrive, Ramirez attacked Payne with a chair after he was looking for interview time. These 2 big men go one on one at Worlds Collide. Can Payne rebound from this as well as losing the tag team title or will Ramirez gain victory?

That will do it ACE Nation. See you at Worlds Collide!
ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Ringside View 11/4/16
« Last post by Robert on November 04, 2016, 10:48:44 PM »
Hello ACE Nation welcome to another edition of Ringside View.

Who Will Be Victorious?

At Crossroads 12, the main event will be a 4 way match for the heavyweight title. Can TJ Marconi turn the back the challenge of Danny Maff, Mario Bokara, & Crowbar or will one of them knock him off the top of the ACE mountain?

Linked By A Chain

Jamal Jackson & Anthony Ramirez have reached the end of the road in their feud. They will face each other in ACE's first ever dog collar match. Can Ramirez finally beat his former Movement comrade or will Jamal complete the feud with another victory?

Brooklyn Outlaw Injured

After announcing he won't return to action until 2017, Mike Donovan will not be able to face King Of New York EC Negro. Negro will still be in action, but against who?

Five Years In The Making

In late 2011, Stockade allligned himself with Vince Steele to ignite The New Age Wrecking Crew and spent nearly three years trying to tear ACE down. At Crossroads 12, these two men collide for the second time. Can Stockade out down his former stalemate or will Steele gain the victory?

That will do it folks. See you at Crossroads 12.
ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Crossroads 12 Roll Call & Predictions
« Last post by Robert on November 03, 2016, 09:36:32 PM »
This Saturday night I return to ACE for the biggest show of the year Crossroads 12. Are you coming? What are your predictions?

I predict:

Disciples to win rumble
ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Collision Course 2016 Thoughts Thread
« Last post by Robert on September 04, 2016, 07:48:40 PM »
Jesse Vane def. Sonny Kiss, Jared Evans, Sebastian Cage, & Black Zemis to retain the fight for flight title

Great way too start the show. There still seems to be some bad blood between Kiss & Evans. Great to see Zemis back.

Crowbar def. Prince Akkanattan

Great to see Crowbar back for the first time in months. Those kids in the football jerseys were into Akkanattan.

Ricky Reyes def. Anthony Ramirez to retain the diamond divsion title

Ramirez finally got a return title shot. During the match, Jamal Jackson comes to ringside distracts Ramirez long enough for Reyes to capitalize and get the victory. After the match, Jamal & Ramirez brawl. Jamal nails him with a chain wrapped around his fist. The referees came out to break it up. I wonder why "The Rogue" Anthony Gangone didn't make the how since he was advertised to face Reyes. Ramirez made a little girl cry before entering the ring.

Mike Donovan & ? def. "King Of New York" EC Negro & King's Court

Donovan's partners were The Midnight Sensations(Sam Shields & Chris Rockwell) who had not been in ACE since 2011. Donovan went for his Southside Knockout yet one half of King's Court took it and got pinned.


During this time, Sensations, Akkanattan & others were out for meet & greet.

William Wyeth def. "Aztec Warrior" Izzy Reyes

During the match, Wyeth put on Reyes' headdress and started a war dance in which I began stomping my foot ala Indian war drum. Wyeth got the win with a spine buster.

Vince Steele w/Mr. Mustafa def. "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade by DQ

This was quite a fight. Stockade used a chair on Vince to cause a disqualification.

American Powerhouse def. Duke Boys to retain the tag team title

A bit of a clash in styles which saw Adam & Astro pull off the victory.

TJ Marconi def. Archadia to retain the heavyweight title

I'm not certain if Archadia wrestled hurt or not. He was wearing something on his arm when he came out for the match. He eventually took it off. TJ put him away with a boot. After the match, Danny Maff comes to the ring and takes the microphone. He tells TJ he doesn't deserve the belt. He mentioned past champions like Jay Lethal, Joe Hardway, & Mo Sexton who respected the belt. Maff challenged TJ to a title match at Crossroads 12 on November 5th.  TJ leaves the ring only to try to sneak attack Maff only to be clotheslined a few times. ACE owner Mike Morgan come to the ring and hugs Maff which pretty much ended the show.

Personal Notes

It was good sitting with Bill who drove all the way from Connecticut to see the show.

There some pretty women in the crowd including the one with Superman logos on her short sleeves.

One memorable quote "Hey Lotti pay attention" Baal of The Duke Boys as they came to the ring for their match

Those kids in the football jerseys were into the show. Hopefully they will come back in the future.

Those chicken wings I had were good. As great as the food is, it doesn't fill me up. I was starving by the end of the show. :(

I know it's too early, but are there any plans to have a free show before Christmas like late last year? If so, I have a day in mind to do it.

I don't know if I will attend Rise 2 Power on October 1. I will definitely be at Crossroads 12 on November 5th. Hopefully I will have some people come with me for that one. While on the subject of Crossroads, I hope the show doesn't run late like it did last year. I wound up missing the last 160 bus of the night and had to walk to Passaic in the cold to get one of those mini buses to go back to NYC.

Already announced for Crossroads 12:

Danny Maff challenges TJ Marconi for the heavyweight title

My wishlist for Crossroads 12:

American Powerhouse against Wyeth & Alvin
Jackson against Ramirez in a chain match
Stockade vs. Steele 2

ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Re: ACE Entrance Music Thread
« Last post by Robert on September 04, 2016, 01:03:00 PM »
Adam Payne-Beast by Busta Rhymes, Crooked I, & Tech N9ne
Midnight Sensations-Dragula by Rob Zombie
ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Ringside View 9/1/16
« Last post by Robert on September 01, 2016, 10:26:44 PM »
Hello ACE Nation and welcome to another edition of Ringside View.

Bon Voyage Mike Lewis

At Anarchy, "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade sent the former Hollywood Enterprise manager out to pasture via a DDT on Lego blocks. Now it appears that Stockade has a new challenge in the form of Vince Steele who Stockade accidentally chair shotted en route to victory. Will Stockade put down his former New Age Wrecking Crew comrade at Collision Course or will Steele put Stockade down just as he did at Great American Summer Bash?

Past vs. Future

After putting down Sonny Kiss & Anthony Gangone in August, TJ Marconi faces one of ACE's pioneers Archadia. Marconi is still crusading to change ACE Pro Wrestling, but Archadia is in the way at Collision Course. Can Archadia unseat "Good Times Only" or will Archadia be one more boot party?

North vs. South

After going back to theri Southern roots, The Duke Boys picked up a big win over The Down Boys at Great American Summer Bash. At Collision Course, they get a shot at the tag team title as they challenge American Powerhouse. Can The Dukes capture the belts or will American Powerhouse chalk up another victory.

Down But Not Out

After losing Mike Lewis, after Hollywood Enterprise dispnaded, William Wyeth & Absolute Alvin picked up a win over Astro Morales & Sebastian Cage at Great American Summer Bash. Will Alvin & Wyeth get a rematch for the tag team title down the road or will they keep raising chaos until they get it?

See you at Collision Course folks.
ACE Pro Wrestling Discussion / Ringside View 8/4/16
« Last post by Robert on August 04, 2016, 10:49:57 PM »
Welcome ACE Nation to another edition of Ringside View

Good Times Only Back On Top

At Mercury Rising, TJ Marconi won a 4 way match to win the heavyweight title. After turning back Bull James at Heatwave & Mike Donovan at an Overdrive taping, who will be next on his list?

Cuban Crippler Bags Diamond Division Gold

After being distacted by his former tag team partner Anthony Ramirez at Overdrive, Jamal Jackson was defeated by Ricky Reyes to win the diamond division title. At Anarchy, he makes his first defense against "The Rogue" Anthony Gangone. Can Reyes turn back his first challenger or will his reign be short?

Jesse Vane Captures Fight For Flight Title

At Heatwave, Vane entered a multi man match as an underdog and managed to win the fight for flight title. At Anarchy, he defends against Sonny Kiss & Rad Brad Benson. Can Jesse turn away 2 more challengers?

American Powerhouse Strike Tag Gold

At Heatwave, Adam Payne & Astro Morales ended William Wyeth & Absolute Alvin's 2nd run as tag team champions. What kind of champions will they make?

Tag Team Boost

Speaking of tag teams, ACE's tag team divisionhas been heating up with Duke Boys, Disciples Of Fear, Cradle Of Civilization, & who could forget The Down Boys match at Heatwave with The American Destroyers which got both of those teams a standing ovation. Will more tag teams come into play?


After losing the diamond division title at Aftermath, Anthony Ramirez was bent on getting arematch and was continually denied by ACE management. Ramirez distracted Jamal Jackson long enough costing him to lose the diamond division championship. At Anarchy, these former tag team partners face each other for the 3rd time. Will it be the charm for Ramirez or will Jackson shake him off again?

Someone Is Going To Say Goodbye

At Anarchy, "Devil's Outlaw" Stockade joins forces with Vince Steele & American Powerhouse for an 8 man street fight against Hollywood Enterprise. Will Mike Lewis be forced to leave and disband his group or will Stockade ride off into the sunset?

That's a wrap folks. See you at Anarchy!
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